Argiope aurantia
common name: Golden Garden Spider
The Golden Garden Spider have distinct black and yellow markingsGolden Garden Spider cephalothorax
Golden Garden Spiders are harmless.  Please don't harm them.

Got really close to her to get this photo. She didn't move... thank God!It's fun to gently touch the web, pretending to be an insect, and observe her behavior when she determines you are not an insect. Or catch a fly or moth and toss it onto the web... see how fast she can spin her web around her catch.

This spider was found under the concrete bridge at Johnson's Slough. The web was nearly 5 feet across, 4 feet high, and 2 feet off the ground. She is possilby two years of age. Her body  was  1 1/2" long. She was very still as we approached to photograph her with a macro lens. She apparently thought her safest defense was not to move a muscle. Did she think we were big lizards?

Argiopes often weave stabilimentum in their webs
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