Banded Garden Spider, Argiope trifasciata
Mature female
Argiope trifasciata frontal viewTrevor, a 2nd grade student from Visalia Christian Academy, spotted this beauty in tall grass on October 22, 2001. I had seen and photographed one several years ago, but the 35mm image was not in sharp focus. So I have been hoping to have another opportunity to photograph this most beautiful of KOP spiders. 

She shimmers of silver and yellow gold, tiger stripes and poke-a-dot stockings complete her fashionable wardrobe. And as you can see - she has a peculiar habit of standing on her head when threatened.

Argiope trifasciata - bottoms up!

Bottoms up!

Argiope trifasciata held by Marjorie Moody
Marjorie Moody added this specimen to the official Kaweah Oaks Preserve spider collection. We are excited about getting this spider in our collection and grateful to young Trevor for finding it today. Great job, Trevor!

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