Scott Spear
Barn Owl House Plans
For gopher control the natural way
design by: Scott Spear
Sierra Los Tulares Land Trust
Chairman of the Board

  • Best if installed before February
  • Roof design can be adjusted to adapt to your mounting needs
  • Mount at least 12 feet above the ground
  • Entrance hole should point northeast
  • Can add a non-slip material on inside lower portion of entrance hole
  • Can add walk-on bark in nesting area so eggs don't roll around
  • Unsecured carpeting can be pulled out for easy cleaning of old 

  • nesting materials after chicks have fledged

    This is just one design that has proven effective for farmers here in the Central Valley. There are many other fine barn owl house designs available on the internet. But if you choose to use this design, we'd be pleased to hear how long it took for a pair of barn owls to take up residence and how many chicks fledged. 

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