This bat was found in a home of a friend of mine near the river.


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Common bat (image- I. Lindsey)

Common California bats are small. (image - I. Lindsey)These small bats are inhabitants of wooded canyons, open deciduous and coniferous forests, and brushy hillsides. Their daytime roosts are in tree cavities, in cliffs and caves, and in houses. They do not form the compact clusters typical of many other Myotis, but roost in small colonies of 1-25 individuals. These bats seem to use buildings more frequently than other Myotis. They appear on the wing much later in the evening than most species of Myotis.

     Specific food items are unknown, but this bat appears to feed primarily on small moths and beetles that occur between, within, or below the vegetative canopy. Their flight is relatively slow, fluttery, and highly erratic.

Bats will bite in self-defense.(image I. Lindsey)

This common bat is small, being two inches in body length and similar in appearance to a mouse. They will inflict a painful  bite in self-defense. He sure looks like a gargoyle, 'eh?

     They winter in at least part of their summer range, where they hibernate in houses or caves. They are fairly active in winter and winter records are relatively abundant from the southwestern United States. In summer, these bats seem quite transient and will use any suitable and immediately available site for shelter.

   The single young is probably born in May, June or July. Pregnancy records vary from April 29 to July 6.

About the images: The four images above are all the same beast. Since bats are nocturnal, it was necessary to photograph him/her using artificial light which often casts an odd hue or coloration to the image. In reality the bat was a mousy brownish-gray with very white teeth.

Other California bats.

Hoary BatTownsend's Big-eared Bat

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