Buckwheat, Eriogonum angulosum Benth. native
Common name: angled-stem buckwheat
- a dicot in the Polygonaceae family -

A small colony can be found west of the red bridge in sandy dry soil.
Growing 12" tall, summer blooming. Annual.

tiny peppermint-striped bell-shaped flowers bloom in clustersstem and leaves appear fuzzy
The tiny pink and white striped bell-shaped flowers bloom in clusters from main stem.
The stems and leaves are covered with a white furry texture, giving them a grayish green color.

tiny bell-shaped flowers cover the plant in Late July and AugustCarol Vehrs next to buckwheat for size comparison.
The small, many branched plants are loaded with tiny blossoms in July and August.
Carol Vehrs (right), a trail guide, is kneeling next to the buckwheat plant with a piece of
black velvet used to photograph the specimen in the field. This helps in getting a clear
image without a cluttered background and eliminates the need to take the rare specimen
to the lab to document.

This is a tiny unknown variety of buckwheat growing nearby.

Left - This tiny  Eriogonum  is apparently the same variety growing in poorer soil conditions.

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