Bush Lupine, Lupinus albifrons Benth., native
Common name: Silver bush lupine. Dicot, Fabaceae, native shrub
- a dicot in the Fabaceae family -
Silver leaves shimmer in sunshineSilver-leaf, or bush lupine flower stalks rise above the plant to show-off their beauty.
Left -Silver leaves shimmer brilliantly in the sunshine. Right-Blooming in early spring, the flower stalks rise well above the plant for a lovely show.

Silver bush lupine was reintroduced onto Kaweah Oaks Preserve in the Elderberry Mitigation area during the spring of 2001 by two devoted supporters, Greg and Karen Kirkpatrick. This is a beautiful California native, indigenous to this valley oak forest. You must come and see how the silvery leaves sparkle in the sunshine. We are looking forward to the species making a strong comeback. This variety of lupine becomes quite a large shrub, so the blooming season is very showy.

The silver leaves of this lupine give it year-round interest.
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