American Crow


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Kaweah Oaks Preserve does not have any resident crows, just flybys! They usually are near because of the surrounding orchards. These large, arrogant birds are very similar to ravens. They are among the most intelligent and adaptable of birds.  In the breeding season, crows gather together to mob owls and other predators. Crows in turn may be mobbed by other birds, because their omnivorous diet includes eggs and nestlings as well as other small animals, vegetable matter, carrion (dead animals), and garbage. In some agricultural areas, crows are considered great pests, which accounts for the invention of the scarecrow. Crow nests are large platforms of sticks, usually in tall trees. The three to eight eggs are deeply colored, and are incubated by the female. The young are cared for by both parents. The voices of crows are loud and usually harsh, but are characteristic for each species. 

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