Blue Elderberry, Mexican Elderberry
Sambucus mexicana C. Presl ex DC., native
- a dicot in the Caprifoliaceae family -

Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle link

The blue elderberry has a continuous blooming cycle from May through October, therefore producing berries over a long season.
Blue Elderberry in flower, unripe and ripe berries

Elderberry is a native shrub here at Kaweah Oaks Preserve. The Blue Elderberry, or Mexican Elderberry is the only host to the endangered native Longhorned Elderberry Beetle. You might look for exit holes, or better yet, if you see one, take a photograph... we like to know for sure if we have 'em!

Elderberries are a delicious treat while hiking on our trails, but only eat the berries, not the stems or leaves. Click here to review the warning on elderberry poisoning. The elderberrries can be harvested and used for jams, pies or in muffins instead of blueberries. You can find ripe elderberries thoughout the summer and fall seasons. All the toxins are eliminated by cooking or fermenting.

 Ripe Elderberries

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