American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch-maleAmerican Goldfinch-female

Goldfinches visit Kaweah Oaks Preserve in the fall and winter months. You will see them perched on the sunflowers, thistles and in the Elderberry bushes. In early fall, they still have their brilliant yellow plumage, but quickly fade into their pale winter olive color. Males and females are very similar in appearance during their winter stay at Kaweah Oaks Preserve. They remain in flocks throughout the year.

    Summer:  Overall length is 5".  Male has bright yellow body, black cap and black in the wings and tale.  Female has a yellowish green overall look with some yellow on face and chin. 
    Winter:  Both the male and female lose the bright yellow color and have a more brownish overall color. 

American Goldfinchs in winter plumage

Food: Usually feeds on the ground.  Known to select weed stalks and foliage, eating seeds, insects, and berries.  At bird feeders they prefer thistle (niger) and hulled sunflower. 

Habitat: Attracted to open areas with some shrubs and trees.  Common areas are farms, suburban yards, and gardens. 

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