Himalayan Berry, Rubus discolor Weihe & Nees, non-native
- a dicot in the Rosaceae family -


Common in forest and woodland trails at the preserve.
Flowering begins in May, berries ripen in late June and July.

This non-native blackberry flowers in May and June.
Flowers appear to be crinkled.
These non-native berries provide an abundant summer food source for many animals at Kaweah Oaks Preserver
The "black" berries are ready to taste.

mature leafHimalayan Berry provides the preserve with vibrant fall colors
left - mature leaf                            right - fall coloration

Himalayan berry generally has 5 leaflets on green to reddish stems,
while the California native blackberry (below) has 3 in a group on green stems
native blackberry leaf for comparison
California Blackberry leaf for comparison
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