Kit Fox

This species of fox is one of the very few species of fox that is endangered. Kit foxes usually live in deserts and plateau regions, but the San Joaquin Kit Fox only lives in parts of California near the San Joaquin Desert. These foxes were 'transplanted' a long time ago. Interefering with nature this way frequently leads to disaster, as it almost has here. Man has now realized how dangerous this can be without proper care, but they didn't always take proper care in the past. The Californian enviornment had no proper predators for the fox, and the foxes flourished. After a while however, increased hunting and bounties, along with fur trapping had their toll, and the population of Kit foxes decreased, until now, when only very few survive outside of zoos. If this species goes extinct, it will be a blow to the enviornment as well as man's dignity, as they have had a definate part in it. The good news is, however, that the S.J. Kit foxes are slowly coming back. This is a testament to how present man's increased enviornmental awareness is helping fix the problems they made in the past. 

California Department of Fish and Game San Joaquin Kit Fox webpage

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