Special thanks to Stephen Sharnoff at
for his assistance in identifying these lichens.

Physcia, possibly Physcia aipolia

Xanthoria, possibly Xanthoria hasseana

The two lichen images on the left where photographed in January 2001 on the Swamp Trail. Both were attched to valley oak bark found on the ground.

most likley Flavoparmedia caperata

orange: Caloplaca ignea
greenish-yellow: could be Pleopsidium
or Acarospora or Chrysothrix 

possibly Umbilicaria phaea

The three lichen images (left) were photographed during the fall of 2000 on Rocky Hill, east of Exeter. All three were attached to large garnite rocks. They are included here because they can be found within a few miles of the preserve and it was interesting to compare the different species.
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