New Parking Lot - Aug. 15, 2001

David F.Harrald of Kaweah River Rock

David F. Harrald, of Kaweah River Rock Co. in Woodlake, donated 200 tons of top grade road base material for our new parking lot. Earlier in the year, he and Brian Newton were visiting the Preserve and David noted that, "We can do better than that!" He promised Brian that if someone could be found to transport the material, he'd donate it.

Thanks, David. We really appreciate it.


Consolidated People's Ditch dump truck
Consolidated People's Ditch, of
Farmersville, delivered the rock in record time and at a VERY reasonable cost.
Raul and James of Consolidated People's Ditch
CPD Manager James Silva (right) and
Tender Raul Rivero (left) hauled the rock.

Thanks a million for your fast work.


Stan Lawler of Lawler Construction Company


And Stan Lawler, Lawler Construction of Visalia, graded the parking lot on one of the hottest days of the year! 

Great job, Stan!


It's Beautiful
Let it rain!!!
The new and beautiful parking lot!


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