Carol Frate, FCLT Administrative Chairperson

For the 1999 Open House, Carol devised a 
Plants of Kaweah Oaks Preserve ID game... 

She flagged 50 plants (here she flags 5-hook Bassia) and had a printed key for all the visitors. The front of the key gave the first letters of the plants' names with room to enter your best guess for each plant. The reverse gave all the answers. 

Most visitors used the back of the key only! Oh well! The best laid plans of mice and men...

Here is a list of the plants that were flagged and identified for the October 24th Open House:

1 Yerba Manza (Lizard Tail) native
2 Bassia (5-hook) non-native
3  Alkali Sacaton native
4  Bull Thistle non-native
5  Salt Grass native
6  Nitrophila  (nitrogen fixer) native
7  Berbuda Grass non-native
8  Gumweed (Curlycup) native
9  Salt Heliatrope native
10  Valley Oak (Quercus lobata)
11  Poke Salad non-native
12  Mexican Tea non-native
13  Stinging Nettle native
14 Elderberry (toxic till cooked) 
15  Mugwort (relieves nettle rash)
16  Sacred Datura (Thornapple) 
      toxic native
17  Jimsom Weed toxic native
18  Creeping Wildrye native
19  Curly Doc non-native
20  Conzya native
21  Goosefoot native
22  Spikeweed native
23  Yellow Starthistle non-native
24  Spiny Clodbur non-native
25  Turkey Mullien (doveweed) 
26  Indian Tobacco non-native
27  Horseweed (Mares Tail) native
28  Stinking Gourd native
29  Common (Wooly) Mullien 
30  Himalayan Berry non-native
31  Arroyo Willow native
32  California Wild Grape native
33  Horehound non-native
34  Osage Orange non-native
35  California Wild Rose native
36  Clematis (Virgin's Bower) 
37  California Blackberry 
39  Ragweed native
40  Johnson Grass non-native
41  Cocklebur  native
42  Poison Hemlock toxic 
43  Milkweed (Western Whorled) 
44  Fig non-native
45  Prickly lettuce non-native
46  Sunflower (Heterotheca) native
47  Panicled Willow Herb native
48  Sandbar Willow native
49  Santa Barbara Sedge native
50  Balic Rush native