Plants of the Kaweah River Delta Regioncc
special feature
Plant Checklist
of Kaweah Oaks Preserve
by: Robert Urtecho, Ph.D.
Biology Instructor at the
College of the Sequoias
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Flowers of
Kaweah Delta Region
The chart below lists many common plants this area.

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(N) = native    (NN) = non-native
Herbs - Native

Ammania (?)
Bedstraw (N)
Beggarticks (N)
Buckwheat (N)
Bursage, annual (N)
Buttercup (N)
Catnip (?)
Cocklebur (N)
Conzya, sticky (N)
Crimson Monkeyflower(N)
Cudweed (N)
Dove Weed (N)
Duckweed (N)
False Daisy (N)
Fiddleneck (N)
Goldenrod - Calif (N)
Gooseberry (N)
Gumweed (N)
Hedgenettle (N)
Heliotrope - Alkali (N)
Horseweed (N)
Lessingia (N)
Lupine, Bush (N)
Lupine, Miniature (N)
Marsh Primrose (N)
Milkweed (N)
Miner's Lettuce (N)
Monkeyflower (N)
Mosquito fern (N)
Mugwort, California (N)
Mule fat (N)
Nitrophila   (N)
Panicled Willow Herb (N)
Popcorn Flower (N)
Poppy, California (N)
Red maids (N)
Sacred Datura (N)
Salt marsh baccharis (N)
Sand spurrey   (N)
Slim Aster (N)
Smartweed, ladysthumb (N)
Spikeweed (N)
Stephanomeria (N)
Stinging Nettle (N)
Stinking Gourd (N)
Sunflower, annual (N)
Telegraphweed (N)
Waterprimrosewillow (N)
      (see marsh primrose)
Wild cucumber (N)
Wild mint (N)
Yerba Mansa   (N)

Herbs - Non-Native

Bassia -5 hook (NN)
Bull Thistle (NN)
Bur-chervil (NN)
Burclover (NN)
Bursage, skeletonleaf (NN)
Cat's ear (NN)
Chickweed (NN)
Crassula (NN)
Curly Dock (NN)
Dwarf nettle (NN)
Epazote (see Mexican Tea)
Filaree (Storksbill) (NN)
Geranium, cutleaf (NN)
Goosefoot (NN)
Groundsel (NN)
Henbit (NN)
Horehound (NN)
Knotweed (NN)
Lamb's Quarters (NN)
London rocket (NN)
Mallow (malva) (NN)
Mexican Tea (NN)
Milk Thistle (NN)
Mustard, black (NN)
Mustard, hedge (NN)
Mustard, wild (NN)
Nightshade (NN)
Pennyroyal (NN)
Pigweed, red-stemmed (NN)
Pineapple-weed (NN)
Poison Hemlock (NN)
Poke Weed (salad) (NN)
Prickly Lettuce (NN)
Puncture vine(NN)
Red Sandspurry (NN)
Shepherd's Purse (NN)
Sow thistle (NN)
Speedwell (NN)
Spearmint (NN)
Spiny Clocklebur (NN) 
Sweet clover (NN)
Tobacco, Indian(NN)
Vetch (NN)
Water Speedwell (NN)
Wild radish (NN)
Wild watermelon (NN)
Woolly Mullein (NN)
Yellow Star Thistle (NN)

Alkali Barley 
Alkali Sacaton (N)
      (Bunch Grass)
Barnyardgrass (NN)
Bermuda Grass (NN)
Creeping Wild Rye (N) 
Dallisgrass (NN)
Foxtail (Red Brome) (NN)
Hare Barley (NN)
Johnson Grass (NN)
Nutsedge (NN)
Perennial Rye Grass (?)
Rabbitsfoot Grass (NN)
Rice Cut Grass 
Ripgut Brome (NN)
Rye, annual 
Saltgrass (N)
Soft Cress (NN)
Wild oats (NN)
Witch Grass (N)

Rushes and Sedges

Alkali Sedge   (N)
Baltic Rush (N)
Horsetail rush (N)
Santa Barbara Sedge (N)
Scouring Rush (N)
   (see horsetail rush)
Tule rush (N)


Shrubs - Vines

    California (N) 
Buckeye (N)
Bush Lupine (N)
Button Willow(N)
Elderberry  (N)
      Berry (NN)
Rose - Wild (N)
Virgin's Bower
Wild Grape  (N)


Ash, Oregon (?)
    Sycamore (N)
Chinese Tree of 
    Heaven (NN)
     Fremont (N)
Fig (NN)
Osage Orange (NN)
Pecan (NN)
Valley Oak(N)
     (Quercus  lobata)
Wild plum
Willow, Arroyo (N)
Willow, Black (N)
Willow, Red (N)
Willow, White (N)


Oak Galls: Hershey Kiss, Urchin and Oak Apple Galls
Galls of the 
Valley Oak Trees
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eight images of oak galls


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130 plant images


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This website was developed with the student and the nature enthusiast in mind.
Therefore, plants are sorted in alphabetical order by common name, not classification.
For a sortable MS Excel worksheet of the Plants of the Kaweah River Delta Region click here

Below are links to several excellent wildflower and weed resources for further study.
UC Berkeley flora images UC Davis Weed Images USDA Plant Databse
the Encyclopedia
of Plants
Images of wildflowers -
by Latin names,
Coe Park, Calif
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"Wildman" Steve Brill
California Native 
Plant Society
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Resource persons and references used for plant ID are:
  • Dr. Robert Urtecho and Karen Kirkpatrick of the College of the Sequoias
  • Dennis Haines, Agricultural Staff Biologist for the County of Tulare

  • UC Berkeley and UC Davis online databases of California flora images
  • "Weeds of the West" (1996) by Western Society of Weed Science in cooperation with the Western States Land Grant Universities Cooperative Extension Services.
  • ...and many miscellaneous field guides
Many thanks to the friends mentioned above for freely sharing their expertise and knowledge to make this site a better resource. It's a real treasure to have such fine scholars who are local, approachable and genuine.

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Digital images of plants by Irene Lindsey, a former board member and volunteer at the oaks preserve in Exeter.
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Note: Plant names are  subjective to the resource or reference that is used, therefore, some id's may not agree completely with other resources. Mung's is Mr. Haine's reference of choice and Jepson's is the reference of choice at COS.

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