Cottontail Rabbit

Hector-Sue, our resident cottontail rabbit

Hector-Sue, our resident cottontail rabbit can often be observed lounging around the caretaker's RV. She is friendly and rather plump right now. She enjoys relaxing under the shade of the big valley oak. She was kind enough to let me get pretty close to snap this photograph. Frances Hanan, one of the caretakers, has named her Hector Sue. Of course, Frances named her Hector at first, but then as Hector became far too wide in the middle for a male, Sue was added to Hector. We expect to have several miniature Hector Sue's hopping around before the summer's out!

Cottontail rabbits are abundant at Kaweah Oaks Preserve. They can often be observed along the berry fence between the caretaker's RV and the Red Bridge. However, they have great colonies all over Kaweah Oaks Preserve.

To distinguish between a ground squirrel mound and a rabbit mound, check for scat (feces) at the entrance. Rabbits leave 'rabbit pellets' nearby. And while you are looking at the mound, see if you can spot the 'rabbit trails' leading away from the mound. It's fun to see all the narrow tunnel-like paths they produce as they go out to collect food and nesting materials and bring it back to the nest.

Cottontail rabbits are one reason we have such a fine population of birds of prey  and coyotes at Kaweah Oaks Preserve. Cottontails are an important link in the 'food chain'

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