female wolf spider sealing her egg sac
Schizocosa  mcooki
female with unfinished egg sac (body length 3/4")

female wolf spider enclosing egg cluster in sacFemale wolf spider with unfinished egg sac. She worked two hours to get the cluster of eggs inside the sac she prepared earlier, but something unexpected happened. She ended up consuming the entire package
Miss Moody supposes that the eggs were not fertile or she needed more privacy or space.

We found her girth did not change over this entire process - very peculiar.

(We've got it all on video... sick, huh?) 

FYI: She was kept in a 2x2x3/4" Discovery Scope receptacle.

mommy wolf spider next to a quarter

Here are three intersting images of a mommy wolf spider. All her spiderlings are riding "piggy-back" style until they are old enough to hunt for themselves. Mom has to carry them and hunt, too. Boy, she must be a pretty good hunter to be able to feed all those little guys.

Wolf spider female with spiderlings.These mommy wolf spider images were sent in by Dawn Mills from Central Florida. She used to live here in the Central Valley. 

Dawn has a terrifying story about finding a mommy wolf spider when she was a teenager. She was fascinated by it and was observing it in pretty close quarters. Just then a woman saw what she was looking at and went after the spider with a broom. Upon disturbing the mommy spider - all the spiderlings landed on Dawn! That really was an awful feeling!

Gee, they sure look heavy for her!
Wolf spiders are good to have around because they control the population of pesty insects. When you see a female with her brood try not to be scared and watch what she does. 
She is very, very interesting.

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