Western Scrub Jay

Scrub Jay

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Scrub Jays (not Blue Jays) are a member of the Corvidae family to which various crows, ravens, and other jays belong. Like its 'cousins', the western scrub jay exhibits a loud, harsh call. It has an extremely varied diet of insects, seeds, carrion, and fruit. It can alos be observed raiding nests of other birds for the eggs and hatchlings.

Western scrub jays measure up to eleven inches in length and are characterized by blue above with a white eyebrow and throat, a grayish-white underside, and a band of gray-brown on the back and behind the eyes. As you can see, it is a stricingly handsome bird. 

The western scrub jay inhabits scrub oak and juniper woodlands as well as wooded suburban areas.  Jays have been recorded to live up to 15 years.

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