Holocnemes pluchei underside

Pholcidae (Cellar Spiders), Holocnemes  pluchei 

Common spiders, building messy webs everywhere here in the Central Valley. Most people misidentify them as "Daddy Longlegs." 

I asked Brian Carroll (Spiderman) if there was anything interesting or odd about this spider.
Here's what he had to say:
Holocnemes pluchei showed up in this area in the late 70's, an import from the Mediterranean.  Devin (Brian's brother and fellow arachnologist) had it in Northwest Visalia, but I didn't have it in Southwest Visalia.  We noticed that the same nitch in my yard was filled with black widows, so I carried a female with eggs from his place to mine.  Within a short time, I had lots of Holocnemes, and very few black widows. About that time, we had the invasion of the western grape-leaf skeletinizer moth.  I tried feeding them to other spiders, without success.  (If I flung one into the web of a funnel web weaver, the spider would run out, bite it, step back and vomit.)  However, the Holocnemes would eat them as fast as I could fling them into its web, or store them for eating later. 
    Does that qualify as odd? 
(Gotta love these guys!)

Holocnemes pluchei, rear viewHere's my own observation
Getting these images was a long and laborious task because this spider has a peculiar habit of vibrating wildly in one spot whenever the lens got too close. And he must have thought the nickel was going to eat him because it took forever for it to settle down and realize it was an inanimate object. My "scientific conclusion" is that the spider believes he appears much larger that he is when he is vibrating like that. He really does, you know!

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