Oecobius navus, on penny        Oecobius navus, normal baseboard posture
Oecobius navus 
Baseboard or Stucco Spider

Common native spider found both in the interior and on the exterior of  our homes. Oecobius navus is one of few spiders that will eat ants, so are beneficial in the urban environment. Being so tiny and transparent  they are masters of disguise and are often overlooked in both the urban and natural landscape. 

These tiny spiders can often escape predators due to their incredible speed and ability to hide in the smallest of hiding places. However, small birds, lizards and other spiders do prey upon them. They do not seem to be effected by chilly weather. However, long periods of freezing will no doubt reduce their numbers.

If you have ever witnessed a female hummingbird pecking along the outside of your home, she was probably collecting the webs of the Oecobius navus to use in building her nest. Hummingbirds also prey upon these and other tiny spiders - their main source for protein in their diet.

Oecobius navus, magnified

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