Stinging nettle, Urtica dioica L. var. holosericea. (Nutt.) Thorne., native
- a dicot in the Urticaceae family -
Notice the toothed edges of the leaf. Every leaf is covered with thousands of needle-like structures that inject an irritating toxin into your skin when touched.
common on preserve in damp soil, can reach up to 9 feet tall
stinging nettle flowers during the summer
The hairs on the leaves of stinging needle inject a toxin that will cause a skin irritation..
If you are unfortunate to discover this personally, try crushing a mugwort leaf and
rubbing it over the rash every 10 minutes. This should temporarily relieve the irritation.
To relieve it permanately, ice it down for at least 2 minutes when you get home.
Note: Indian braves used stinging nettle to keep themselves awake while on watch.
They would rub it all over their bodies!
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