Below are images taken November 9,2002 at KOP after the first rain of the season. These termites were emerging from the dead cottonwood on the Grapevine Trail near marker #10. The immature ones appeared to chew through the wood making an escape for the winged adults. Then the young ones emerged as well, only to be disoriented and soon tried to return into the hole. Termites were emerging everywhere and many creatures enjoyed feasting on them before they flew away. It was quite a lot of fun to observe this phenomenon with two first-time visitors to KOP, they were as fascinated as I was and I was grateful for extra hands to hold the flashlight.

adult termite larva chewing an escape hatch
adult winged termites NO...   me first!
Let's go back, huh? Termites invade only dead or decaying wood. They do not harm the living wood in a tree. So termites are actually good for trees. 

Too bad we can't say the same thing about termites and houses. 

termites - adults and larva
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