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Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle
April 6, 2002 images
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Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle - adult, pinned
Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle (3/4" long)
Desmocerus californicus dimorphus
Federal Status: Threatened

Several specimens of the Valley Elderberry Longhorn BeetleOn the left there are three different specimens of the Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle. They were collected by Dennis Haines of the California Agricultural Department, Tulare County. Dennis says the skinny one in the middle is the one that was found in Three Rivers and is the one that is suspected to be living at Kaweah Oaks Preserve.

We've found evidence of VELB at KOP!!
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Valley Elderberyy Longhorn Beetle exit hole
In late October 2001 we began a search for the Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle (VELB). Since we have documented the presence of this threatened species on KOP, Caltrans has promised the funds to acquire the old plum orchard for the sole purpose of mitigating elderberry habitat that will encourage the reproduction of this species.

We have successfully documented VELB exit holes in three areas of the Preserve. However, Dennis Haines, of the Tulare County Ag Commissioner's Office, advises all but one exit hole found were in old wood and not acceptable. One find is not substantial and he recommends we continue the search. 

We still need to search the following areas: click to view a map of previously searched areas

1. Grapevine Trail - April 6 - successful
2. Rose Trail - April 6 - successful
3. Island between Johnson's Slough and 
    Consolidated People's Ditch (south of picnic area)
4. Johnson's Slough - both sides, west of weir
5. Far west end of KOP, west of Deep Creek
6. Woodland east of the Swamp Trail
7. Woodland east of the Sycamore Trail


    Saturday, April 6th 9:00AM (view images)
    Meet in parking lot for instructions and supplies.
    - P. Olson, Redwood High School AP Environmental
    - B. Laursen,  Tulare Western High School's Environmental Club
    - L. Miller, Golden West High School AP Environmental
    - Joann Hoyt, Woodlake Union High School AP Club

    Saturday, October 27,
    Paul Olson's Redwood HS Env Edu Class - successful
    Only one exit hole was confirmed, others in old wood.
    Friday, October 26,
    Martha Handley's Charter Oak School - Swamp Trail & west end - 
    Our expert advised the two exit holes were not from the VELB - too small.
    Thursday, October 25,
    Susan Silva-Treadwell, Tulare HS Env Edu class - Sycamore Trail - 
    Our expert confirmed exit holes were in very old wood and not acceptable

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    Redwood High School students find a VELB exit holeRedwood HS VELB findRedwood HS group in elderberry tree
    images - I. Lindsey

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