California Vole, often called Meadow VoleCalifornia Vole
5" from nose to rear with a short tail

Voles, often called Field or Meadow Mice, are a very prolific rodent. Females may have as many as 17 litters a year, with up to 10 young per litter. That's 170 babies in one year! California vole babies can fend for themselves at the early age of 12 days and begin breeding before they are a full month old. When food and weather conditions are just right these little guys can multiply into the thousands per acre. Luckily, hawks, coyotes, bobcat, herons and snakes find voles to be a favorite treat and keep their population under control.

This vole was laying in the path on the Sycamore Trail looking at me with his little black beady eyes.Voles prefer residing in the open woodland and meadow landscapes. They make their homes in the grass and eat any kind of plant material, favoring grains and grasses. Look for their many narrow runways in the grass.

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