White Willow, Salix exigua Nutt., native
- a dicot in the Salicaceae family -
A small group of White Willows grow near the weir.A wasp resting on the underside of the white willow flower.
Flowers in April and May, leafing out by late May.
A few specimens grow near weir.
Stem galls are hosts to wasp larva.

Stem galls appear almost  immediately
after the flowers fade. They develop from the larva of wasps, in this case.

The White Willow leaves are a pale grayish green with a lighter underside.

The White Willow has pale light green leaves with a lighter underside.

White willow is a shrubby tree, growing to 8 feet.

The white willow is a shrubby tree growing to 8 feet.


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